Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Heather, and I recently relocated from chilly and snowy Canada to warm and sunshine-y Europe! I live with my boyfriend and my cat, and I love to travel. 

This blog is for you to follow along as I explore life. Day to day slices of life – a neat cafe we found, recipes I’ve tried, hidden gems in the city, trips to amazing places – you can find it all here.

About Me:

I’ve always wanted to travel, and thankfully have had the opportunity to do so. From when I was young, my family took trips almost every summer. We really liked to go camping, so we camped our way across Canada (although we didn’t go into the northern provinces/territories) and throughout the U.S. When I was sixteen, we had an opportunity to complete a 21-day European tour. After visiting ten different countries, and seeing how different they were from North America, the wanderlust was born. So here I am!

I definitely have a sweet tooth, and I tend to nosh on cupcakes more than any human should. I have a soft spot for fun flavours, light cake and smooth buttery (or cream cheese!) icing. I have a never-ending quest to locate the perfect cupcake.

I’m also more of a homebody than anything else. When not cooking, exploring, or taking very amateur photos, I like to read, write postcards, watch bad TV, and try to keep my apartment clean. I’m also a polish-aholic – I absolutely love nail polish! Pretty colours, glitter, and small indie companies are my favourites.

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to About

  1. Angelique says:

    First let me start by saying I think it’s amazing what you are doing! To just pack up and go is brave, scary and exciting all in one ! 😊
    I can’t wait to see pictures and travel with you, if only in photos! Yay!!!

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