Fun App: Cat Spanish

Okay, so I admit I didn’t spend as much time learning Spanish as I should have before I came here. For that, I am deeply embarrassed. There is something to be said for learning by context and immersing oneself in the language, but that can only get you so far. So, I use Duolingo, I have Rosetta Stone, various websites I use for verb conjugation, etc. I also have some good friends that I can send phrases to and get corrections (thanks, Daniel! Although you still speak too quickly….). Some sites are challenging, as there are certainly differences between Latin American Spanish and Spain Spanish. Duolingo is based off of Latin American Spanish, so I do stumble on some words and phrases I’ve learned here that aren’t the same in the app. But damn, I can order you lunch!


One app, however, is educational, cute, and funny. Cat Spanish. It’s produced by Cat Academy, and are the same folks who run Memrise. It presents phrases in groups of four (each group being a ‘challenge’), and uses goofy pictures of cats to help you understand and learn. I think my favourite phrase was ‘Soy extranjero’ (I am a foreigner) accompanied by a picture of a dog instead of a cat.  Each set of challenges is a level of phrases grouped together. For example, Level 1: Survive in Spain has twelve phrases (so, 3 challenges). It includes some basics such as please, I’m hungry, me too, and what’s your name?




Keep in mind, it’s not meant to teach you the language the same way Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, or Memrise does. This is a great quick and dirty intro to the basic phrases you’ll need if you are to travel. I use it in conjunction with Duolingo at the moment because it’s fun and I have definitely learned things that I haven’t covered/gotten to in Duo.

The first few levels are free; if you want to access all 1000 (ONE THOUSAND) cats, it will cost $6.99. I did buy all the cats, and I am having a blast learning the interesting phrases that are presented.


Cheers to learning new languages!

*Note: The views presented are my own; I was not approached by CatAcademy for a review or anything of that nature.


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