TBT: Run or Dye

I got an email the other day that pre-registration was open for Run or Dye again in my hometown. I was a little bit bummed, as Run or Dye doesn’t operate here (Color Run does), but even if it did, I’m not sure I’d have anyone to do it with. And even if I did, it wouldn’t be Alana!


*I think there’s some dye powder going up my nose….*

Alana is one of my best friends. When Run or Dye first advertised that they would be in our hometown last year, we jumped at the chance to do it. It sounded like so much fun. For those not in the know, it’s a 5K (you can run, walk, dance, crawl, whatever you want), where you get dye thrown at you at each kilometre marker. Plus, you can buy extra dye packets and throw them at your friends/whomever happens to be nearby.

Run or Dye last year was in mid-late September, which made the weather a bit cool. I was optimistic, though, as nothing pumps up the body (and the sweat) like a 5K with hills. And boy, did we have hills. Several of them.

“Race day” dawned cool and overcast. We got dropped off, did our check in thing, got ourselves ready, and joined the group in the starting area. I was smart enough to pick up our race kits the day before, so that was one less line to wait in! The starting chute was manned by some pretty loud and crazy people; they had music going to dance to, and they kept hollering over the megaphones. We met up with a couple people we knew, so suddenly we had a foursome! We were laughing, dancing, tossing dye in the air, having a great time.

….. then it started to rain.

It was a chilly rain. But you know, we were there to have fun, and a little rain wasn’t going to ruin that!


Then I got the first bit of dye in my eye. Awesome. I wear contacts, so that was fun. No worries, though, dealt with that pretty easily.

Then our group was sent on our merry way into the race area. They released the runners/walkers in small-ish groups every 15 minutes so that the racing area wasn’t clogged up with people. Off we went!

Honestly, it was a ton of fun. It didn’t rain really hard until after the race was done, but the smattering of rain through the race made it interesting. Some of the grassy areas got muddy, so you had mud as well as dye flying around. At the pink dye station, I think they either had the most amount of dye to toss, or the most enthusiastic dye tossers, as the area was COVERED. After we went through and looked back, I saw some people rolling down the hill, through all the pink dye in the grass. Awesome.


*I had the foresight to pack my phone and wallet in a ziploc bag just in case it rained… but that doesn’t make for very good photos.*

By the time I got home, I was covered in pink, purple, orange, green and blue. There was orange powder in my eyelashes, green in my hair, purple down my arms, and pink at my sock line. I must have stood in the shower for half an hour, scrubbing to get it off. I was heading to a party that night, so perhaps showing up covered in dye wasn’t the best idea. I got most of it off. I still had a green streak in my hair and on my neck, and a large pinky-purple area on my left arm.. those stayed for a few days. Oh, and my slate gray FitBit band still (STILL – IT’S MAY AND THE RACE WAS IN SEPTEMBER) has traces of purple on it.


So, this year the race is in August. And on that day, I will be cheering on my pals as they get pretty/messy, and wishing I was there with them.



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One Response to TBT: Run or Dye

  1. Nancy Nopants says:

    That stuff was very hard to get off. I think I still had traces on my skin a week later. Fun tho!

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