Hidden Gems: Street Art

One of the things I find most fascinating in Barcelona is the street art. Graffiti and tagging are prevalent all over the place, in (almost?) every part of the world, but folks in Barcelona seem to take it to a new level – and shop keepers don’t seem to mind nearly as much. Some of them even commission artists to paint their door covers for them! It’s absolutely incredible to see the talent that seems to lay hidden in these tiny corridors and alleyways.

Another reason I love street art – I love touching. I have a hard time going to museums, because I want to touch everything. I want to feel the texture of the pieces, the sharp, smooth, gritty elements to what I am seeing. I want to feel the heart that has been poured into the pieces. I struggle to not do that. So, when I see street art, I can reach out and touch the wall, the door, the side of an abandoned vehicle. I can feel the paint, feel the emotion, feel the colours.

It’s amazing to round a corner in the Gothic, and suddenly have this world of art open up in front of you. Sometimes, its simply a name or a word in a beautifully done script. Other times its a small scene, perhaps on a storefront, depicting what is sold inside when it’s open. Or, there are full on scenes that have so many elements to them, you need to take photos just so you can pore over them later and discover every last inch.

One such discovery was in Carrer de la Rosa. We came upon a little square that was surrounded by this stunning mural. From left to right, here are some photos of the mural.

Street Art

Street Art

Street Art

Street Art

Street Art

I hope you enjoyed this little Hidden Gem!



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Canadian gal who recently relocated to Europe. Tag along as I make my way through the sunshine and explore life here!
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One Response to Hidden Gems: Street Art

  1. Nancy Nopants says:

    I EFFING LOVE GRAFFITI! I’m glad to see it embraced instead of shunned!

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