TBT: First days in Barcelona, 2012

I’ve never really done a “throwback Thursday” type of thing before. Every week, I see TBT posts all over my Facebook; older songs, photos from when the OP was a kid, college days, you name it. As I sat here, I tried to figure out what my TBT could be for my very first ever. I could go back and search through folders to try and find some photos from years and years ago, or I could just find something interesting to share. As I looked at my photo library, something just kind of slapped me hard in the face, and I had to go searching for a specific set of photos: the first few days I ever set foot in this city.

Back in early 2012, I took a leave of absence from work. On January 5, we left Canada, and endured many hours of flights and layovers, and finally found ourselves in Barcelona. That first night is non-existent, as we didn’t get to the flat we were renting a room in until after 9 pm, so we just crashed. Hard.

Early the next day we emerged, blinking, into the sunlight and the comparatively hot weather. I believe it was 18 degrees Celsius (that’s PLUS 18!) on January 6, although the weather would most definitely cool off to temperatures closer to the norm for the rest of January and February. I couldn’t take it all in! In hindsight, I’m sure I was the most obvious tourist ever – pointing, stopping dead on the sidewalk to stare at something, taking pictures of almost everything I saw. But it didn’t take long to fall in love. It didn’t take long to realize what it was that was missing from my life up until that point: adventure. Wanderlust was coursing through my veins, and I didn’t even know until that moment. It feels like an eternity ago, but in reality was two years and two and a half months ago. I don’t even know who I would be today if it weren’t for those first few days here.

One thing is certain: I am still midly crazy. Well, odd. Okay, maybe just a little bit of a nutter. Want proof?

I am a motorcycle

We came across this parking lot dedicated to motorcycles (which is most excellent!), and I apparently decided I wanted to be a motorcycle.

I got nothin’.

I don’t even really understand what I was trying to achieve with that pose. But it will forever live on in this blog as evidence to me being, well, strange.

Heres some more photos from the first few days:

Port Vell

Port Vell is one of my absolutely favourite places in the city. It’s always bustling, no matter the weather, but it is also insanely beautiful. The port houses one of the main marinas, a mall (Maremagnum) with a movie theatre, an IMAX theatre, and the Barcelona Aquarium.  There are dozens of cafés, museums, sculptures, events, and things to see/do around the port.

Port Vell

This is off to the side of Maremagnum, on the edge of the Rambla del Mar, a pedestrian bridge that connects the mall to the shore.

Port area

Another area near the port.

I’m intrigued that some of these photos look black and white. I quite like the effect.

So, TBT, there you go. Hopefully this has offered some insight into where I started with this adventure.

Final words of wisdom: If you have something you want to do, something you want to achieve, don’t wait. Make plans for it, even if you can’t do it right away. Find a way to get there. The last thing you want to ever feel is regret. What you want to do may end in failure, but it may also end in the utmost of happiness. So, on this International Day of Happiness, take a chance. You’ll never know what will happen until you do. Have no regrets.



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Canadian gal who recently relocated to Europe. Tag along as I make my way through the sunshine and explore life here!
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