Growth and Potential

Growth can mean many things, depending on context. To me, growth for this entry has two distinct meanings:

1. I am getting back into my Spanish ‘lessons’ (hola Duolingo!). While this is helping me with the basics and understanding context, I’ve discovered that there are certainly some differences between what it’s presenting, and what are perhaps some regional words or phrases. It’s quite interesting to learn. I can definitely read it far better than hearing – people here just talk too darn fast.

2. Late last week, we planted some seed kits we picked up at IKEA, of all places. We currently have two plants in the living room, but I’ve been itching for some more greenery. We planted six types of flowers and six different herbs. I’m so excited for the herbs to grow so I can use them in cooking, but the flowers will look so pretty!

image copy image

For flowers, we planted: snow daisy, cornflower, flossflower, sunspot sunflower, giant sunflower, and day sunflower. For herbs, we planted basil, parsley, lemon balm, coriander, oregano, and thyme.


The flowers are sprouting! All but the flossflower are showing lots of life. It’s neat to see the shells coming off of the sunflower seeds.

We spent some time down at Barceloneta beach this afternoon. The sun was shining so brightly, it felt ludicrous to not be outside enjoying it. We walked down from Estacio de Franca, picking up a couple of snacks on the way, before walking along the boardwalk and settling on a bench to soak it in. The beach area is definitely showing more signs of life as the weather gets better. Plenty of people had the same idea that we had, although we were less prepared for going onto the beach proper.


A look towards the W Hotel, catching a volleyball game in progress.


Looking towards the breakwater.


Other way, towards the rest of the boardwalk and the other beaches. There are nine distinct beaches along the waterfront!

Cheers, and I hope everyone had a wonderful day!


About heatherbcn

Canadian gal who recently relocated to Europe. Tag along as I make my way through the sunshine and explore life here!
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