Adventure: Sitges and Al’s Burger Bar!

I definitely qualify this one as an adventure!

Our new friend Sarah is heading back to Denmark at the end of the month, and although she’s been here for several months, there are a few things she hadn’t yet experienced – including Sitges, one of my favourite places! I always have to take photos when I go there, as the sun playing on the water is always breathtaking. We decided Sarah must go before she leaves.

So, we rounded up a couple of other friends, and the five of us took the lovely R2 Sud train down the coast. The train ride itself, once you leave Barcelona proper, is beautiful as it winds through the little towns along the coast. On one side are hills and communities; on the other side is the water.

We also decided that she must experience Al’s Burger Bar. It seems that when we get together, we always have burgers, and Al’s has some of the best in the region. Plus, we had yet to meet the elusive Al, so we were hoping this would be the day! AND IT WAS! Our friends loved it, and I foresee more trips there with them in the future. Al is a wonderful guy, a lot of fun, and didn’t hesitate to chat it up with everyone.

We stuffed ourselves silly, but there was no way we were leaving Sitges yet. It was 19 degrees, the sun was out in full force, and although there was a light breeze, it was a gorgeous day. So we decided to park ourselves on one of the breakwaters that jutted out into the Med. We chatted, enjoyed the sun, and even napped a bit! It was wonderful, and I finally got to start my tan.

Without further ado, here are some photos from our afternoon!


The beautiful coast

Sitges - Soccer

A soccer game in progress

Sitges - Sarah

My darling Dane, Sarah


One of my favourite sights – palm trees!

Sitges - cider

Some cider we enjoyed in the sun


The gals soaking it all in.


Nap time!

The breeze did start to pick up, the closer it got to sunset, so we hopped on a train around 6:15 pm, and headed back to Barcelona. It was a wonderful afternoon, one I’d happily repeat every single weekend.

Cheers to good times and good friends!


About heatherbcn

Canadian gal who recently relocated to Europe. Tag along as I make my way through the sunshine and explore life here!
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2 Responses to Adventure: Sitges and Al’s Burger Bar!

  1. Dani says:

    So AMAZING reading about your life & adventures. Looking forward to reading many more!!!
    Miss ya,

    • heatherbcn says:

      Thanks, Dani! I enjoy sharing it, hopefully encouraging others to just get out and do things. No regrets. 🙂 You certainly don’t need any encouraging, though!

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